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Nocturnal Fever; Women of Sin

Season Ended

Lady Fox and Diddy Reyes are clearly very skilled, highly trained musicians who have worked well together for some time. Reyes plays with confidence, interspersed with charming, natural banter as he sets the scene for the era, however, Lady Fox is a true scene stealer. From the minute she walked out onto the stage, her incredible stage presence was evident. As soon as she opened her mouth to start singing, I was well and truly sold on this performance.

Lady Fox has a truly incredible singing voice. This is the type of vocalisation that not only reveals natural talent, but years and years of careful training and control. The voice is an instrument, and Lady Fox plays it with expert precision.

Despite the appeal of the musicianship itself, the sheer talent and chemistry of these two performers was not what made this show so memorable. The performers set the scene of every song with an introduction, creating a context for these classic works, and explaining their importance in a cultural sense. What struck me as so effective about this approach was the way Lady Fox channelled the essence of the original performers. Instead of just singing through recognisable jazz and blues numbers, she brought a character role to each song, representing the meaning and substance of their place in musical history.

At 5.30pm, the audience for this show was not as big as such an act deserved. However, looking around the room at the other audience members, I could see that every person in attendance for Nocturnal Fever; Women of Sin was absolutely mesmerised. There were moments during this performance that I found myself closing my eyes and absorbing the scene, finding it easy to drift away into the cultural memories that were being evoked.

Although their unfortunately short season at the Adelaide Fringe has ended, this is an act that tours and performs regularly. I would encourage anyone to book a ticket if they happen to see these names pop up at any venue. This is truly a show not to be missed.


Rating: Four Stars

Sarah Jane Justice

All Over Adelaide

Lady Fox and Diddy Reyes Interview
Truly crazy interview with these two. Wh
98.7 RPPfm - Person of Intertest 08/12/17
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98.7 RRPfm - Person of Interest 31/08/18
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Paul Horwell & Pete Thunder, 

Saturday Sessions:

To promote our Butterfly Club season of Nocturnal Fever, Diamonds and the Blues were invited into Joy FM to talk about our show, our music and take the weekly challenge.  Australian 90s music.  We took on "Heavy Heart-You Am I"

Joy 94.9 - Saturday Sessions 21/07/18
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Terri Lee; Music Journalist

Always fun interviews with this lovely lady...

Buckle and Tom, Breakfast

95.5fm 7/9/17

On September the 7th, I was invited to talk with Tom Lewis on the K-Rock Breakfast Show.  This 5 minute interview covered the "Lady Fox and Friends show for One Girl",  bit about the Charities work, and the show to be held at 360Q.

Breakfast with Tom Lewis - K-Rock 95.5fm
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ShowBiz with Leigh Drew, Casey fm

Two Short interviews on 97.7 fm Show Biz with Leigh Drew.  A chance encounter at the Alex Theatre of an opening night show for a mutual friend. Leigh was so taken with the tone of Lady Foxes voice, he requested an interview and here are two for you to listen to.

Arts About RPP fm

I was invited to RPPfm by John Baird and Sally Ballieu to promote my Harlem Soul shows. These were my first two shows at Speakeasy HQ and all proceeds went to my Charity "One Girl" for whom I have been an ambassador for since 2014. The most exciting part is, I raised enough money to send two girls to school.   

Arts About; 26/10/2015 - RPP 98.7fm
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Peninsula Essence Magazine

Februauy 2017 Edition of Peninsula Essence Magazine pg.46-49

May 2017 Edition of Peninsula Essence Magazine pg. 10-13

Melbourne Spiegel tent,

Papillon; December 8th, 9th & 10th

In December 2016 Lady Fox was invited to take part in the Highly acclaimed Papillon Production.  For three nights this song opened the show.


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