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Foxy Nocturne

Saturday 13th July 8PM

Look out, Canberra! Decadence and Debauchery is back... but this time, with a nocturnal twist! Enjoy the live vocal styling of incredible blues singer, Lady Fox (from Melbourne) paired with the charisma and and revelry of live burlesque, sideshow, circus, and seduction. Brought to you by Jazida Productions, winner of the ACT Local Business Awards for Outstanding Performing Arts, the ACT Arts Award from Canberra Critics Circle, and the Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award.

Burlesque, live singing and musicians combine to take over The Ralph Wilson Theatre and set your senses alight!

Jazida Productions is a queer POC led social enterprise that works to elevate alternate performing artists and their artforms.

Decadence and Debauchery is bringing you premiere alternate performing artists, a collection of incredible underground artists!

Prepare to have a decadent and debaucherous time, while we reject the idea of the binary between
highbrow vs lowbrow art...

Raise your glass...
Raise your expectations...
Raise your energy...
Raise your brow...
We're about to get down!

WINNER of Canberra Local Business Awards for OUTSTANDING PERFORMING ARTS

WINNER of the Adelaide Fringe Festival weekly awards for BEST DANCE (Catch Jazida)

WINNER of the Canberra Critics Circle ACT Arts Award (Exotic Hypnotica)

★★★★ All Over Adelaide

“an entertaining show which delivered exactly what it promised” - Canberra Critics Circle

“a fun and accessible night of entertainment” - Canberra Critics Circle

“All good, late-night fun” - Adelaide Now

"Jazida is one of the dazzling performers… going to leave people completely mindblown" - The Herald Sun

"Brilliant choreography, fantastic music pieces and elegantly embellished outfits created a feast for the eyes" - All Over Adelaide

"Absolutely amazing!!! Great value, incredible hot, sexy, funny, talented and oh so very naughty... a must see!" - Promotix

Decandence and Debauchery

Ralph Wilson Theatre,

Braddon ACT


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Dreaming Freedom 

AVAILABLE NOW across all major platforms!! 🎧Feat. 200 collaborators x 30 countries, the “Dreaming Freedom” record is a masterpiece with a mission to break the force of injustice.


I was grateful to join forces with @xpropelr and these incredible artists to create this record to help see freedom become a reality for children trapped in modern slavery.Funds raised through the “Dreaming Freedom” project will be directed to xPropelr’s impact partner, @ijmaus and their groundbreaking work in the rescue, restoration, protection, and prevention of children trapped in modern slavery.


Thank you for making your streams and downloads count! ❤️You can donate to help #createfreedom and propel this mission here 👉🏽 #musicrelease #modernslavery #dreamingfreedom

Official Record Launch 
Friday 14th May 
There is a soundtrack for every stage of living, and we each play our own along the way. Once everyone finds their Authentic sound, we can begin to harmonise with those around us, playing a perfect symphony. In this very special performance, Lady Fox will be taking you on a journey through the life cycle of the Butterfly. From the curious, hungry, caterpillar searching the world. An experimenting, social and explorative Larve. To the inward calm of self reflection of the Chrysalis. Morphing into something completely new and unknown. To finally become a winged beauty free to flutter the sky and grow even more, till she finds her tribe and becomes part of the great kaleidoscope.

Lady Fox is a jazz, blues and soul singer songwriter and producer. Creating energetic experiences and musical journeys for your soul to travel through time.
Lady Fox: Saturday 2nd of  March
International Womens' Day 2024 

Lady Fox; Mornington Peninsulas very own, Jazz and Blues Chanteuse will be performing a sweet selection of songs in The Shed. Known for her velvety tones and impeccable stage presence, this not to be missed set is going to be the perfect dedication for international Women Day 2024.

Lady Fox
Being Billie Holiday

Balsy, Brawdy Goddess of Blues. Descending from the Heavens to take you on a vocal journey through the multiple dimensions of time. 
A Vixen of Jazz discoveries, sensual, sultry and ever evocative. The power of her presence will transform and encapsulate you in her energy forever more.


Lady Fox  Logo
Half Brothers booking and  Rainbow Hotel present a triple threat kinda day this time around with 3 of Melbourne’s best!
Miss Fox - the Devine one - comes back to the collective to add some class and smoothness
Topher Denman (Southbound Snake Charmers) will be bringing his dirty, crunchy, stoner rock blues vibes
Shaun Klinger (The Holding Cell, Riding Northbound) for some 6 string virtuosity
Oooooft - this one will be AMAZING
And don’t forget the classic Sunday Roast at the Rainbow!!

The Rainbow Hotel



Lady Fox Pin up
Shades of Marilyn

Shades of Marilyn 


Lady Fox presents a rare look into the little known connections of Marilyn Monroe at the height of her career. Stories of friendship woven with Songs from jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald and movie starlet Dorothy Dandridg

Flazeda Hub

A Lady's guide to being Foxy

Work Shop


Lady Fox is coming all the way to Canberra to run a Workshop at Flazeda!!

Lady Fox has the Melbourne Jazz and Blues Scene in a Buzz with her Vintage Themed shows. Her in depth story telling and emotional song delivery have transported Countless Audience members back to the golden era of Music. Reconnecting with the greats like, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday, and most recently the Sex bomb Marilyn Monroe in her self produced “Shades of Marilyn” show.

In this workshop, Lady Fox explores the steps she uses to establishing a confident and captivating presence that that exudes joy and the freedom to continually grow. Used as a performer for stage, photo shoots or just entering a party of Function and leaving everyone remembering you are a Foxey Lady (Men, Women, Aliens and Fairy tale creatures welcome and no experience necessary.)

You are invited to explore the process in this 2 hour fun filled workshop before she heads back to her home town.

Ladies Guide to being Foxy
Flinders Fringe Festival
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The Bendigo Hotel
The Pig and Whistle Mainridge
Australian Burlesque Festival
Castlemaine Jazz festival
swordfish Mornington
24 moons
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Lady Fox on the Blues Train
Lady Fox at Young and Jackson
Lady Fox at Adelaide Fringe
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Rosebud rockfest
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Lady Fox

The Apollo Room
522 Flinders Street


Lady Fox
Lady Fox and The Pearly Shells
swing thing
Lady Fox and The Pearly Shells
Lady Fox, Birdland
Lady FoxCasa4
Lady Fox Black Pin ups
Lady Fox, Live at the Apollo
Lady Fox and The Pearly Shells
Lady Fox, Birdland
Westernport Custom Nats
Lady Fox
One of my most favourite stories of Marilyn is about her kindness and generosity
Martinin pour
swing thing
Lady Fox and The Pearly Shells
Lady Fox
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